monsieur poubelle: what is stranger dance?
brian lang: better get with god boy. uhh... it's music?

MP: ok, why stranger dance?
BL: i dont know. are you interviewing me, here?

MP: sure
BL: well, just had a bowl of cereal.

MP: why do you make stranger D?
BL: boredom. I can't even really make music with a computer. I suck. My vision far exceeds my talent.

MP: is stranger dance a man or a woman?
BL: either. jesus. stranger dance is jesus.

MP: what is your favorite stranger dance song? nevermind that question...
BL: i'm not really sure what songs there are. None of em. they all suck.

MP: what do you think of the name steamy cream for a band?
BL: it's good.

MP: what does stranger dance mean?
BL: It doesn't mean anything to me, at least no meaning that I can discern. It's more of a meaningless form.
there's nothing there. it's completely vapid. and... it sucks.

MP: why are you so emo?
BL: ha ha. cause everyone sucks. even people that are cool. they eventually start to suck.

brian lang makes stranger dance.
here's his thoughts on his music.